Hynotherapy and Complete Mind Therapy

The first thing to understand about hypnosis is that it is a natural state that we enter into when we are relaxed or day dreaming. We often become a little distanced from the ordinary affairs of the world and enter into a mild altered state which can be referred to as a hypnotic trance. Children enter into this state very easily and often. It is also the state that you experience right between sleeping and waking. Hypnotherapy is very effective in many ailments that bother modern man.

The second thing to understand about hypnosis is that we cannot do anything against our will while in a hypnotic trance. The idea that one enters into an unconscious state is erroneous. On the contrary, one is much more aware and focused under hypnosis than in ordinary reality.

Hypnosis was first discovered by an Austrian physician called Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), which is also where the term ‘mesmerize’ comes from.


Hypnotherapy is a process by which the person being hypnotized is being guided by the practitioner into very relaxed state. The practitioner uses a monotonous and repetitive voice to lull the conscious critical mind to sleep, but the person is still very much awake. In this relaxed state, the subconscious mind is open to suggestions without the critical conscious mind censoring any of the information.

The interesting fact about the subconscious mind is that it accepts anything that one feeds into it. It cannot distinguish between reality and dreams, right from wrong because it has no critical ability. It accepts anything you feed it and in turn creates your reality according to what you continuously think of. You are a result of your combined thoughts and feelings.

Hypnotherapy is thus a very useful tool in changing ones state of mind, ones attitudes and repetitive patterns and addictions. In the recent years, hypnotherapy has gained increasing recognition and popularity with remarkably good results.

Complete mind therapy differs somewhat from hypnotherapy in that it takes into consideration, that we move towards pleasure and avoid pain. This is natural for all beings. Complete mind therapy works in such a way as to link painful experiences to undesirable traits or addictions; and to link enormous amounts of pleasure to the new mindset you wish to create.

In other words, if you wish to stop smoking, the hypnotherapy practitioner paints a hideous image of the effects of smoking and embeds that deep into the subconscious mind, and then links a huge amount of joy, piece, health, happiness and a sense of achievement to having stopped smoking.

This is a very powerful way to communicate to the subconscious mind and it will work effectively towards the desired suggestion. Complete mind therapy is the next evolution of hypnotherapy.