Reflexology is a technique by which the whole body can be stimulated through the feet. By applying finger, thumb and palm pressure, the feet are being massaged. This style of foot massage has a relaxing effect on the entire nervous System.

Reflexology has a stimulating effect on the Respiratory system, the internal organs, glands of the Endocrine system, the Lymphatic system and much more. Not only does Reflexology work on the physical level, but on energetic and emotional levels also.

The feet are a map of the body that can be stimulated via the so called reflex points. The reflex points have nerves endings that connect directly to all parts of the body. Stimulating these reflex points influences the function of the organs. This can bring about  physical as well emotional changes. The deeply relaxing effect of Reflexology has a deeply calming effect on the nervous system.

Reflexology can be used to assist with many conditions. These include stress, insomnia, toxicity, water retention, hormonal problems, digestive or respiratory problems, fatigue and blockages in the different organs and other symptoms.

Specific Reflexology techniques stimulate the energy lines also known as meridians. The existence of meridians have been confirmed by medical doctors some years ago. Meridians is the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A healthy flow of energy within the meridians maintains a healthy body. Blocked meridians will eventually lead to illness. Because the body is mapped out through the feet, the meridians can be effectively stimulated also.

Reflexology is deeply relaxing, nurturing and absolutely blissful to receive. It is absolutely fantastic in dealing with stress.

Pregnant women respond marvelously to its gentle yet powerful technique. Pregnant women feel absolutely safe and nurtured. Reflexology is fantastic at calming the expecting mother. They can just let themselves sink into an ocean of relaxation and bliss.