Jeannelle van Burick…..”I was very sceptical about NAET, but I had no where else to turn to. Daniel completely cured my asthma in eight sessions. I actually still can’t believe how easy it was.”

Beezy Bailey…..”Doing my artwork for hours, my body is often in pain and in need of support. Daniel’s massages are very strong and precise, yet relaxing. He knows intuitively where and how to work. I can’t do without them anymore.”

Mark Gevisser…..”Daniel’s massages are a unique combination of strength, subtlety and soul. I’ve become addicted to them.”

Martin Schonberg….”Like few other therapists, Daniel has the technical and anatomical knowledge and intuition that make him a great therapist. He really addresses the issues of the body and irons them out.”

Verity Maud…..”Daniel offers a very thorough massage that is a wonderful combination of different styles that not only delivers therapeutic results, but is absolutely pleasurable and relaxing as well. I have enjoyed his services for the last six years, and as a fellow massage therapist, would highly recommend him.”

Natalie Vlismas…..” Daniel’s understanding of both body and its energy fields provides relief and relaxation to stressed and tired limbs. His professionalism, strength and sensitivity ensure thorough treatment whilst you surrender in good hands. I have been massaged by some of the best masseurs in top spas around the world and still come back to Daniel.

Richard Norton…..” I alternate my weekly treatments between Sports massage, Thai massage and shiatsu. In each field, Daniel is an exceptional therapist. He has tremendously gifted hands, a warm and engaging personality and tremendous insight into both body and psyche and the connection between the two.”

Neil Starr…..”It is difficult to find a therapist who is both sensitive and yet strong at the same time. Daniel has the ability to zone right into the problem areas with sensitivity, strength and surgical precision. The variety of different styles with which he combines his massages, keeps his treatment versatile, therapeutic, nurturing and highly enjoyable. Apart from that, he has wonderful working ethics.”

Tanya Joselovski…..”Daniel’s professional therapeutic approach is absolutely fantastic. I really look forward to my time out and would surely recommend him to anybody.”

Nadine Shane…..” The pregnancy massages that Daniel did for me, made my body feel stronger and more relaxed and put my mind at rest. I felt very comfortable and at ease. My baby now loves his massages and I am certain it’s because he so often got it through my tummy.”

Steven Colborne…..”Daniel is the most highly skilled, generous massage therapist I have used up to date. Ever the consummate professional, he always runs perfectly on time, and his rates are very affordable. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs healing. It’s an extremely relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience.”

Bert Gruber…..”Daniel’s massages are deep, connected and soulful. He has been my personal masseur for the past 12 years. He has an amazing ability to locate all the problem areas and works deeply and expertly to alleviate them. I can highly recommend him as an excellent sports masseur and as a healer dealing with all sorts of problems, emotional as well as physical using his extraordinary talent.”