Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage can referred to as passive yoga, as the practitioner stretches and manipulates the body of the client. This is very beneficial to the joints, muscles, meridians and the structure of the body. A flexible spine is very important and keeps the body appearing youthful.

Thai massage is probably the precursor to Shiatsu and both these treatments are very similar. The focus of the Thai massage is however more on stretching, manipulating and opening the body. By means of finger, hand and elbow pressure the so called sen lines are stimulated to bring the body into an energetic balance. The sen lines are likened to meridians of Oriental medicine and are responsible for flow of energy through the body. This energy flow provides the organs with energy and allows them to function at optimum levels.  Thai massage is calming, uplifting, stimulating and a sheer pleasure and delight to receive.

Traditional Thai massage is also performed fully clothed on a map on the floor.

Thai Massage